Benefits of Corporate Membership

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There’s no doubt that a fitter, healthier workforce brings all kind of benefits to any organisation – especially when you look at what time off costs:

  • In the UK, 131 million working days were lost due to sickness in 2013.
  • Time off from illness costs the British economy over £100 billion annually.
  • That works out as £595 per employee per year.*

Now the good news:

  • An engaged workforce is estimated to be 18% more productive and 12% more profitable. People estimate they’re 23% more productive on days when they exercise.**
  • 72% of participants reported improvements in time management at work on days they exercised, 74% said they managed their workload better, and 79% said their mental and interpersonal performance was better.***

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If your employees are more active then they work harder and more productively, and also feel happier and more in tune with their colleagues. It also makes it easier to recruit and retain staff if they have access to corporate fitness packages and know that you, as an employer care about their wellbeing.

The Better difference

If corporate fitness is important, so is choosing the right provider:

  • No joining fee applies to Better Health and Fitness memberships only, and Better Health & Fitness UK memberships are subject to a joining fee in centre.
  • Our corporate packages are highly flexible, and can include extras such as Spa London.
  • Superb facilities, indoors and out, including two former London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues.
  • Membership can cover all facilities, or be tailored to individual activities such as gym-only, swimming-only and so on.
  • We’ll give you full support, including bespoke marketing materials.
  • Support for each employee, including free trial day, tailored fitness programme and induction.
  • Over 80 centres in London and 60 elsewhere, and membership gives access to all centres within the chosen borough.
  • Easy online activity booking, plus crèches, cafes and more.
  • Access to exclusive healthy living, travel and entertainment offers, and discounted venue hire – for parties, for example.
  • We’re a charitable social enterprise, the first and largest UK leisure operator to be awarded a Social Enterprise Mark.
  • For more details, see individual benefits and frequently asked questions

You’ll be in good company

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Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from Better membership – To set your company up as a corporate member, go to our Employers page. If you're a member of staff looking for individual membership, enquire through our Employee page. You can also check if your company already has membership here.

*Source: Office for National Statistics
**Source: Workplace Challenge website
***Source: University of Bristol study

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